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October 25, 2014

Past Irish


25th October, 2009
Cackling Goose
Ballyconnell and Lissadell, CoSligo
Remained to April 2010

25th October, 2009
Canada Goose
Ballyconnell and Lissadell, CoSligo
Remained to April 2010
Possibly a Lesser Canada Goose or a Todd's Canada Goose

25th October, 1980
Black Brant
Strangford Lough, CoDown
2 birds
8th Irish Record

Black Brant photo

25th October, 1890
Surf Scoter
Dugort, Achill Island, CoMayo
4th Irish Record

25th October, 1985
Continental Cormorant
Lough Neagh, CoTyrone
Found dead in a fishing net
Ringed in Denmark
1st Irish Record

25th October, 2001
Rough-legged Buzzard
Collector's Bay, Quoile Pondage, CoDown

Rough-legged Buzzard photo

25th October, 1964
Lesser Yellowlegs
Swords Estuary, CoDublin
7th Irish Record
Lesser Yellowlegs photo

25th October, 2009
Mourning Dove
Garinish Point, CoCork
2nd Irish Record
Mourning Dove photo

25th October, 1999
Chimney Swift
Guilleen, CoCork
5th Irish Record

25th October, 1999
Chimney Swift
Wexford Town Centre, CoWexford
6th Irish Record

25th October, 2011
Blackrock Strand, CoKerry

Bee-eater photo

25th October, 1931
Loop Head, CoClare
Killed striking light
9th Irish Record

Wryneck photo

25th October, 1988
Red-rumped Swallow
Firkeel, CoCork
7th Irish Record
Red-rumped Swallow photo

25th October, 1998
Hermit Thrush
Dirk Bay, Galley Head, CoCork
1st Irish Record
20th WP record

25th October, 1975
Dartford Warbler
Cape Clear Island, CoCork
5th Irish Record

25th October, 1997
Pallas’s Warbler
Red Strand, Galley Head, CoCork

Pallas's Warbler photo

25th October, 1999
Pallas’s Warbler
Helvick Head, CoWaterford

Pallas's Warbler photo

25th October, 2004
Northern Bullfinch
Tory Island, CoDonegal
2nd Irish Record

25th October, 1989
Rustic Bunting
High Road, Cape Clear Island, CoCork
7th Irish Record

25th October, 1986
Little Bunting
Galley Head, CoCork

Statistics compiled
by Joe Hobbs


This website contains a collection of my own photographs taken of birds seen in Ireland along with images from overseas birding trips. Common, scarce and rare birds seen in Ireland can be found under the heading Irish Birding. Photographs taken outside of Ireland can be found in the Trips section (with The Gambia, Majorca, Antarctica, Namibia, Panama and Bulgaria there so far and Ecuador and The Galapagos to follow later this year).

Finally, I have placed what I consider to be my best shots in the Favourites section. My selection here is based on the composition of the shot and the sharpness of the image or perhaps the bird is noteworthy in an Irish context or just happened to be doing something interesting at the time I took the shot.

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